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Waka Waka Power

Waka Waka Light Power

The WakaWaka Power is an improved version of the WakaWaka Light : more and longer light, more powerful battery (2200mA) but most important also USB telephone charger! This makes the WW Power even more versatile for use in places where there is (for the moment) no power.

It is for sale for € 62.50 (ex postal costs) through via S3C Foundation. Transfer this amount to us (see support) and we will send you your lamp/charger. This way you support our activities in East Africa to bring light and communication to those who need it most.

Waka Waka Light

Waka Waka Light

This is the WakaWaka, a super solution for rural Africa. For Western countries, Waka Waka is very handy for camping and hiking and in case of blackouts.

You can order a Waka Waka lamp at for only 29 euro/36 USD. Every lamp you buy enables S3C to support school lighting in rural Africa.

In spring 2013, S3C has carried out a solar electrification project involving two schools and the surrounding community. The schools were selected by local NGO’s because no access to the electricity grid is possible and they are most in need for installing solar energy. The community is able save a lot of money on kerosene because they can make use of solar lanterns for lighting their houses. At the schools, there has been a rise in enrolment, teachers are able to prepare their lessons, make use of electronic tools and extend teaching hours. Therefore, the performance of these schools have been improved considerably. Click here to download the evaluation report of this successful project of S3C.